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The instant reference to insurance
groups eligibility information
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Improve Efficiency,
Save Time and Money

Instant access to insurance group coverage details will help your practice: .. to minimize the approval time for your patients loosing them because of it. ... to eliminate massive time spends on communication with insurance providers, especially on these irritating waits on hold. ... to avoid financial losses due to claim rejections, on the basis of wrongly interpreted. incomplete or blindly presumed group terms. ... to enable you finding insurance groups’ information in seconds, instead of going over the same 20-minute proces every time.

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How Does it Help Me?

Cut down calls to insurance provider
Stop loosing money due to unpaid
tasks Give patients answers quickly

InsureExact is a reference database, which contains the popular insurance groups’ information in easy-to-search form. Login to your account and browse to a group you need to view. You will get the detailed information on dental options of this group in a single page. Add information of your patient and print it for patient file.
All you may need from insurance company is the current usage of a specific patientt to the date.
We save on average of 20-30 minutes per patient, including waiting on hold.

What if My Group is Missing?

We will add groups per your request
Once added, groups permanenly available
Groups will be updated before expiration

Considering thousands insurance groups in existence, it is physically impossible to list them all. If you come across the group, which wasn’t listed in our database, simply request the info, and we will add it for you.
Ones the group is added, all you will need to do next time in order to access it, just opening the appropriate page. The system is designed to access existing groups instanteneously. average time of adding a new group is one business day.
We will also follow update the group information before its expiration date.

Is InsurExact Secure?

We store only general information
Paperless option available
We can help with security concerns

We don’t store any personal information of your patients in our system. The form for printing patient-specific page is not stored on our website. If you prefer paperless filing, you may create a PDF copy on the page. Since the process of optaining group information takes literally 4 clicks of your mouse, you can always look it up again.
If you choose to store PDFs, computer, where you store these files will be subject to HIPAA compliancy.
Get help with HIPAA security regulations here...

... a Word From Our Customers:

Dr. Anonomous, DDS

Brooklyn, NY
InsurExact redefined the whole process of insurance approval in my office: besides saving hours of our patient care specialist on endless holds in insurance companies, we saved substantial amounts of money because of potential rejections avoided due to pre-requested information, as well as timely added updates on group policies we asked for. now 9 times out of 10 we can instantly descripe the insurance situation to our patients, and help them to choose optimal strategy, instead o loosing them to competing practices, the situation common for us before InsureExact.
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